Review Of Bladez “Master” PTS68 Exercise Cycle

If you have been thinking about getting in shape again and just do not have time inside your busy schedule for the gym Bladez PTS68 exercise bike may be the solution for you. Only 30 minutes of pedaling an exercise bike at a steady speed of 20 mile per hour can burns more than 600 calories to contribute to weight loss. Even added benefits to ridding an exercise bike are the body’s response to an aerobic work our. An aerobic workout burns calories, increases stamina, wards of viral illnesses, reduces health risk, increase heart strength, and keeps the arteries clear. Riding exercise bikes also strengthens muscles and joints, as well as reducing dangerous stress levels. A work out on an exercise bike can burn as many calories as running without the jarring of the body, or the trauma to the joints, all while limiting the risk of injuries created by the outdoor environment.

If after hearing the benefits of riding a exercise bike you decide it is time to take bettering your health more seriously and purchase one, your next step should be to take a good look at Bladez PTS68 exercise bike. Built on a sturdy oversized frame with a 300lb weight capacity. The Bladez offers a smooth quite belt drive, and an industry setting performance durability. Racing style handlebars and a 40-pound flay wheel gives a smooth simulation of a high performance outdoor racing cycle. Performance monitor displays resolutions per minute, the time of the ride, distance simulated, and calories burned. An adjustable resistance brake system and transport wheels really allow you to pump up the intensity of your ride.

If there is one complaint about the Bladez is the computer. Although functioning the computer is somewhat simplistic. Not allowing for the entry of weight and height, the computer is only able to approximate the calories burned.

Even with the shortcomings of the computer the performance of the Bladez is not in question, according to Smooth movements and an adjustable seat and handle bars make enduring an intense workout comfortable as possible on an exercise bike. The durability is backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a one-year parts warranty as well. While offering a workout intense enough for professional trainer, the Bladez can be adjusted down for a beginner workout as well. Combine all of these factors and Bladez The Master PTS68 exercise bike is a perfect combination of performance, durability, and value that cannot be matched.

Phoenix 98623 Exercise Spin Bike Review

Phoenix Spin BikeExercise machines come and go with few exceptions. But every so often one will come on the scene with real proven results. This is what the Phoenix 98623 is all about. This modern aesthetic fitness equipment comes fully equipped with adjustable handlebars and seat, a pleasing direct drive resistance system, an emergency braking system and much more. However, though the Phoenix 98623 is an exceptional exercise bike, it does have a few flaws particularly with comfort, but the Phoenix 98623 is still a welcomed addition as a mid-priced exercise bike.

The Direct Drive Resistance System;
This system allows for forward and backward pedaling. The quick-stop brake is located on the handlebars, which is used to achieve this, so the rider can vary the exercise routines or stop it from becoming too monotonous as well as to stop immediately if necessary.

The adjustment Tension Knob;
This feature allows the user to adjust the intensity of the workout, so the user can workout at a level that is more goal orientated. With some exercise bikes, the user may have to frantically adjust the knob to the desired level of resistance, which can interfere with your workout. However, the Phoenix 98623 allows the user to make the perfect adjustment with just a couple of turns.

The Balanced Flywheel
Generally as part of the purchase of a best spinning bike, a heavy fly wheel is preferred as it tends to lead to a more enjoyable experience during workouts in terms of the cycling motion as well as the noise the machine makes during workouts. Fortunately, at 39.6 lb the flywheel is well balanced and the axle on the Phoenix 98623 is heat-treated for both a smooth and quiet operation unlike road bikes, whose flywheel does not continually spin when the rider stops pedaling. It also provides for much needed balance when undertaking more intense workouts like taking a hill ride.

Seat & Handlebar adjustment
Both the handlebars and seat are fully adjustable. The seat was designed for ease of horizontal and vertical movement for that comfortable fit. The handlebars easily move forwards and backwards providing a comfortable workout fit. Dense foam is used in the padding of he seat and handlebars furthering an enhanced comfortable workout.

Easily Transported;
Though this is a 113lb machine, it can still easily be transported by two wheels that are found in the front.

The dimensions = 24 by 42 by 42 inches.

Reviews since its introduction shows consumers have found much to like including the sturdiness and over all quality of the bike to include the operation of the bike and the effects of the workout.
However, a few users have complained about the handlebars and seat. These are the gist
of the complaints.
So with that said, enjoy the workout!